"you don't make a photograph with just a camera, you bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved." - ansel adams

hello, i'm Lizette, i'm in my twenties and i enjoy telling stories through photography. i've always been captivated by a good story. and what an incredible honor it is, to tell your story. to share the way things look through these eyes given to me. 


i blame it all on my parents. they gifted me with a little Kodak digital camera 10 years ago. i soon discovered my creative eye for capturing life moments behind the lens. i was that annoying girl taking photos at every church event, birthday party, Walmart, ball game, sleep overs, school, family events...you get the picture, i took my camera everywhere. fast forward to today, not much has changed- i'm still that girl that carries her camera everywhere...except now i'm less annoying about it. 

so where did the name Capturette come from? well, i have two younger sisters- Georgette and Jeanette. people seem to have trouble getting our names straight, and so they called us "the Ettes" everywhere we went- it sort of became our thing. the name Capturette was given to me by my cousin, Amaris, who cleverly found a way to keep our "Ette" thing going strong. 

so, why photography? photography helps me to process life through a different perspective. i notice things. and not just the surface level stuff. i mean a deep, aching, life-stirring type of beauty. i want to show you what i see, how beautiful you truly are. 

i believe a photograph can capture the passion of a moment, the sweetness of a memory. a moment that is gone forever, impossible to reproduce. i'm all about real, genuine, honest photography. i want to go beyond the obvious and catch the details. 

i want to tell your story.